App Tutorials

Learn how to take the perfect 360.

Step 1: Launch

Tap the Camera Button to launch the 360 capture.

Step 2: CAR ID

Choose new or used condition then scan/input the car’s VIN/plate number or generate a random code.

Step 3: SCAN

Click the red button to start capturing the spin.

Ensure that the entire front of the vehicle is within the brackets

  • A timer will countdown to zero when the capture starts, wait for the timer before starting to move
  • Note your start position for later in the process

Walk slowly toward the right side of the vehicle and keep it in the viewfinder

  • The brackets will expand and contract as you walk around the vehicle
  • Keep the device level, a circular path is not necessary, but smooth, regular motion will generate a better result
  • For optimal results do not stop or make any sharp turns or changes in trajectory

An image of the first frame will appear towards the end of the loop

  • Slow down (do not stop) at this time and walk towards the starting mark that you noted earlier
  • Line up the badges in the viewfinder as is shown in the image to the left
  • For optimal results, do not walk past 360° and stop at the 360° mark

Wait for spin to Compute

  • This may take a few seconds
  • Once completed, you will be able to save and add hotspots

Step 4: 3D TAG

Click on the 360 preview to begin tagging

Click on the "+" icon to create a tag

Select one of the four sides of the vehicle

Position the tag

  • Zoom and align the photo with the icon of the tag on the right and left screens
  • Click the "Check ✓" button


  • Verify the quality of the spin in the preview
  • Click on the "Check ✓" button to validate and add Media or click "back" button to revise

Add "Media" and a "Title" for the tag

  • Select an existing image/video from the photo gallery or capture a new photo/video
  • To save and return to the previous screen, click on "Done"


Tap the Details button to verify spin's information.

File names can be changed from the Details page

  • Tap the file name to bring up the keyboard
  • The file ID will not be changed


Tap the Delete button to delete spin from device.


Tap the Upload button to save your spin for later access


Tap the Export button to share spin

File can be exported to any device

  • Adjust the number of images to be sent using the slider, these will be exported to a zipped folder
  • Toggle the "Include Tag Images" switch to include media attached to tags
  • Toggle the "Include Link to 360" switch to add a working temporary link for viewing the spin